An inclusive workplace is key to attracting and retaining skilled, creative, diverse workers.

Leggette ETI designs and delivers inclusion training for companies dedicated to creating and sustaining an inclusive and innovative environment for all workers in traditional and nontraditional industries and environments including engineering, technology, finance, healthcare, construction, education, public health, and criminal justice.

Ongoing workplace training helps companies move beyond “check the box” initiatives, to a systemic culture of recruitment, retention, and growth of a diverse team with equitable representation at all levels. This empowers teams to expand collaboration, deepen effective communication, and increase productivity and quality of work.

Team Building and Respectful Workplaces Training

Respect in the workplace is not simply about learning how to be courteous to each other by saying “please” and “thank you.” Respectful workplaces are environments where the intention, culture, policies, procedures and practices align and are integrated, not an afterthought.

Inclusion, Diversity and Cultural Competency

Move beyond “politically correct” competencies to cultural responsiveness including a deep dive into counterproductive interpersonal, implicit behaviors in the workplace; bias, microaggressions, and cross cultural communication.

Leadership Development Training

Dynamic, engaging and impactful executive, supervisor, and manager-level training and coaching services to support you staff management and development goals.

  • Creating and maintaining a skilled leadership team strategy
  • Cultural competency and workplace culture
  • Mentorship skills and strategies
  • Communication culture
  • Managing conflict

Facilitation Services

  • Company retreats

  • Staff development

  • Conflict resolution

  • Caucus facilitation

  • Team project planning

  • 360 Executive leadership review

  • Coalition and team building