How do you identify and utilize your company’s existing resources to reach, maintain, and grow organizational goals? In the end, all organizations rely heavily on data to assist with decision making and execution.

Leggette ETI makes sure your data is relevant, concise, and easy to understand. We use traditional as well as cutting edge methods and technologies to garner the results you need to improve your margins, develop your strategies, and analyze the performance of your goods and services.

Leggette Data Forge is a proven, proprietary data solution that will analyze and de/segregate data accordingly for compliance, task ordering, program administration, success metrics measuring, and a host of other analytical functionality.


Analyzing and Evaluating Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

In order to step up diversity efforts, organizations often start with people analytics to pinpoint where to intervene. But as organizations take a data-driven approach to identifying areas of change, many encounter one issue: they have a great deal of data about the experiences of certain groups, but far less on others. Technology has created a whole new world for how collaboration happens and how we collect data.

An organization may be able to tell a clear story about how women in general are faring, or may be able to discuss the experiences of people of color broadly, but what about Asian women compared to Black women, or Hispanic men compared to white men? When we start to break down demographic groups, many struggle.

We help clients identify and analyze inclusion, equity and diversity data metrics to improve service delivery, increase recruitment, retention, and team communication and productivity.

Regardless of industry, the success of your diversity, inclusion, and equity goals rely on data and evaluation.

  • Workplace equity and inclusion

  • Root cause analysis

  • Equity assessment and analysis

  • Population equity analysis

  • Project evaluation